Red number two - untitled

"When they said, in this particular case, that he was not to call back the number and verify it, that’s a real red flag right there," BBB CEO Tim Maniscalo said.

It's time to start making all those teeny hats, and that's where the knitters and crocheters come in. They're being asked to make red hats that are red, cotton or acrylic, medium to heavy weight yarn and are machine washable and dryable. The simpler the pattern the better.

During the 1940s Rothko’s imagery became increasingly symbolic. In the social climate of anxiety that dominated the late 1930s and the years of World War II, images from everyday life–however unnaturalistic–began to appear somewhat
outmoded. If art were to express the tragedy of the human condition, Rothko felt, new subjects and a new idiom had to be found.

Red Number Two - UntitledRed Number Two - UntitledRed Number Two - UntitledRed Number Two - Untitled