Katatonia - it's only dream

Seriously, great list. I love your site. Of any site on any subject matter online, yours is the one I come back to nearly every day, since ~2012 when I first discovered it.

Suggestions and Requirements: Please send either a Compact Disc, Vinyl (7" or LP) or a Cassette (only if you are really old school and want to prove your good taste in 80s attitude). Do not send any other formats like Video Cassettes, Mini-Discs, DATs, or MP3s as they are not accepted for submitting music. Also, send all the contact information possible along with your package (phone, fax, address, e-mail, etc.) so that if we like it, we'll be able to contact you quickly and easily.
DO NOT send oversized packaging to increase our attention and try to impress us - it's a waste of postage and you should better save the money for touring! A good cover artwork and band photo is helpful to give us a visual impression on your vision. Please ad a one page bio with basic info on your band and touring history.

KATATONIA lyrics - "The Fall Of Hearts" (2016) album, ... And it's got me crawling all the way back to the start ... For a love that's only good

Katatonia - It's Only DreamKatatonia - It's Only DreamKatatonia - It's Only DreamKatatonia - It's Only Dream